After a decade of meticulous craftsmanship and care, we think HDW CLIX has reached perfection in vodka. We'd like to know what you think. Tell us about your HDW CLIX experience, and check back often for more reviews and testimonials.

"Even though Buffalo Trace Distillery is known for expertly crafted bourbons and ryes, its appropriately named master distiller, Harlen D. Wheatley, wanted to produce the perfect vodka....The result is perhaps the consummate vodka for cocktails....Light, herbaceous, and gentle, with no alcoholic sting, there is just a touch of citrus and lemon-soaked wood. It is a one-time offering with 2,000 individually numbered cork-stoppered crystal decanters produced."
- The Robb Report – Host's Guide – Holiday 2011

“…. smoother than a baby’s bottom, Clix’s just 2000 bottles will be gone before you can say ‘salud.’ With more than a decade of production behind this infamous bottle, its subtlety screams elegance in each sip. The limited supply amps up the ante for dedicated vodka enthusiasts, and HDW Clix doesn’t disappoint – even the bottle is served in an artistic creation designed to flaunt every formidable flavor of this intricately devised alcohol.”
- Exec Digital – December 2011

“Thanks for signing this masterpiece of work you created and it was a pleasure meeting you Harlen! ”
- Craig S.

“I love my CLIX ! Great job with the bottle, the box and the Vodka.”
- Dr. Bryan Amos

“Very smooth and very delicious!”
- John C.