The Product
While odorless, colorless and tasteless by definition, consumers have debated the unique characteristics of their particular vodka brand for many years. In creating HDW CLIX, we strove to capture the essence of perfect vodka - smooth; subtle; soft; elegant; structured; clean on the nose and palate. Extensive organoleptic testing and sophisticated chromatography confirm the results – we achieved the perfect vodka.

The Packaging
We would like for your purchase of HDW CLIX to be memorable from the first drop to the last and also for the attention to detail in the packaging.

HDW CLIX is contained within a custom, hand-formed decanter from Nouvel Studio, a company dedicated to the artistic production of glass. We have taken great care not to brand or otherwise permanently mark the decanter so that you may enjoy its beauty for years to come. The spotlessness of the decanter is achieved through an elaborate methodology developed over decades of glass production. This exclusive glass is often called "lead free crystal" which superbly characterizes its excellent transparency.

The decanter for HDW CLIX has been closed with a cork travel stopper to ensure the quality and integrity of the product is retained during its journey to you. Once the travel stopper is removed, the crystal stopper may take its place to complete the beauty of the decanter.

Similarly, great pains have been taken to design and build the handcrafted, elegant burl wood veneer case in a manner that is free of markings and that will allow you many years of enjoyment.