HDW CLIX is dedicated to a small batch distillation process, which ensures that we consistently achieve the perfect vodka every time. For each release, we ensure that the quality matches the original standard set by the Master Distiller Harlen D. Wheatley.

The initial 2,000 bottles (or 332 gallons) started out as 28,400 gallons of mash that were divided into 143 very small 200-gallon batches. These small batches were made from four different mash bills, each containing varying amounts of the finest hand-selected grains – corn, wheat, rye, and barley malt. Each batch was carefully cooked, fermented and distilled over a period of six months, resulting in only 20 gallons of vodka for each of the 143 distillations.

These were then carefully matched and blended into 14 small batches, each of which was distilled once again, resulting in a mere 400 gallons of vodka. Finally, the 14 batches were combined into a single tiny batch, which was distilled an additional two times. From 28,400 gallons through 159 distillations to 332 gallons for 2,000 bottles over a 12 month time span! The final result was rested in a cool and dark stainless steel tank for 12 months to ensure the smoothest finish before bottling.